Expert Architectural Services to Bring Your Vision to Life

Design + Pricing Drawings

Clients often come to us with an idea for modifying their space or building a new space to accommodate a change in their lives, like a parent moving in, their family growing with another child on the way, or wanting to expand their business but they aren’t ready to commit to actually building the project yet. They want to explore what their options are first. Our Design and Pricing Drawings service helps you explore your options before committing to building the project.

As part of this service, we come up with design options to help you visualize what the project would look like and what it would take to make it a reality. After a few meetings, we hone the options down to one design concept and this is when we shift into helping you get real-time costs from contractors. Once you approve a design concept, we add more information to our drawings to create a Pricing Drawings Set that you can use to shop around to different contractors to obtain the cost information to build the project.

We encourage our clients to get pricing information on their projects early before they proceed to permitting so that they haven’t spent a lot of money on permitting a project that is way over budget. Pausing to get a reality check on costs, you can make an informed decision on how to move forward – you can proceed with permitting and construction, you can pause and make changes to the design to meet your budget or you scrap the project entirely.


Once the design and pricing phases of a project are completed, we take the project all the way through to permitting so you can start construction with all your ducks in a row. We will create the drawings and other documents that the municipality we are working in requires to approve the project and issue a permit. We include structural engineers and mechanical, plumbing and electrical engineers on our team to provide the additional documentation, calculations, and design drawings that municipalities require to issue a permit.
*Please note that we do not work on permitting without having done the initial design of the project.*

Site Plan Approval

Multifamily and commercial projects will often need a site plan approval from a municipality before proceeding to getting a building permit. This entails laying out the project on the site and making sure it meets all the zoning requirements. The Site Plan Approval process typically consists of several levels of approval from the city and we will walk the project through all of the necessary meetings and submittals. We partner with surveyors, civil engineers and landscape architects to obtain the different levels of approval from the municipality.

We can help you obtain a variance, a use permit, or lot split, a lot combination, a rezoning or any other zoning adjustment that is required to make your project a reality. We partner with zoning attorneys when necessary to help with the legal requirements of these processes.