Adding Missing Middle Housing to Downtown Phoenix

There is a lot of change happening in the Garfield Historic District in downtown Phoenix. A lot of new multifamily development is taking place there, some of it includes apartment buildings with many units on several floors. We have been working with a client who lives in the Garfield Historic District in a single-family house […]

Possible ADU Policy Changes Coming to Phoenix

On Friday I spoke on our podcast, Tea with Taz, with Josh Bednarek, the Deputy Planning Director at the City of Phoenix, about the city’s policy on accessory dwelling units. You can listen to the podcast here. Here is a recap of our conversation. What is an accessory dwelling unit? Josh helped us define what […]

Reflections on the 2022 Arizona Historic Preservation Conference

On the last day of this year’s Arizona Historic Preservation Conference in Yuma, AZ I found myself asking – what if people of color undertook the anthropological study of white people? I have never heard of such a thing and I wonder why. As a person of color I feel like there is something degrading […]

Transforming an Old Detached Garage into a Beautiful Work Space

Natalie’s detached garage in the back of her house in the Historic Garfield District was clean but sat empty and most recently was home to a pile of things not people. Natalie and her husband Chris decided that the garage, which came outfitted with a lovely porch, was meant for more than just storage, either […]