Guest House in Fountain Hills

This is a ground-up guest house on a hilly site in Fountain Hills. We oriented the guest house to maximize views to Four Peaks. The guest house includes both a back deck patio plus a roof deck for taking in the beautiful views and hanging out with friends and family. 

This guest house is another great example of multi-generational living. Sadie is a young person who was getting married and looking for a place to live. But given the extremely high housing prices, it was tough to find something. So Roxanne, Sadies mother, decided to build a guest house on her property in Fountain Hills for her daughter and her future husband. This would mean Sadie and Roxanne would remain close and Sadie and her husband could enjoy their own lives and maintain privacy in their guest house. Guest houses or accessory dwelling units aren’t allowed in many jurisdictions in the Valley but they are in some zoning districts in Fountain Hills. However, the hilly site presented some challenges because the Town of Fountain Hills imposes a 15’-0” height restriction on the guest house. Despite the height restriction we were able to include a roof deck with guard rails overlooking Four Peaks. Though this guest house is relatively small at 1400 sf (the maximum size allowed by Fountain Hills) it will feel spacious with the ample outdoor living spaces in the front porch, back deck patio, and the roof deck we included in the design.. This project hasn’t been built yet but will be built by the end of next year. We can’t wait to share photos of the completed project with you!

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