Khatri Manzil

Manzil means “house” in my language, Kutchi, and the name of this house is Khatri Manzil. It is a ground-up custom home I designed for my late parents in Chandler, AZ. My greatest pride as an architect has been to create a beautiful and functional space for my parents and extended family of 40+ people. 

A ranch home, easy to navigate with no steps, I designed the Khatri Manzil with my parent’s advanced age in mind. However, after my father had a stroke and was incapacitated by it, we had to make some modifications to the home to accommodate his new needs. We widened the doors to his room so his wheelchair could easily be pushed in and out and we replaced the curbed shower pan in the master bathroom with a curbless shower where a wheelchair or a wheeled-bath chair could be rolled in easily. Families change over the years and the homes we live in need to change alongside us. The home is constructed with unpainted sand-blasted CMU with large gathering spaces custom designed for our large multigenerational family gatherings. The kitchen is the hearth and the beating heart of the house. The kitchen opens up to the family room and this combined gathering space has served as a great container for a multitude of gatherings over the years.

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